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CII Shiksha... computer education, and Goa

Antonetta Noronha <> a principal from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour school in Cortalim informs about the visit to Goa of Narinder Bhatia of Shiksha CII <> in mid-January.

In Panjim, the Goa Chambers of Commerce and Industry hall is expected to be the venue on January 18, 2006 for the meet, focussing on schools, and computer education.

If you'd like more details, contact Antonetta (above) or check out the Knowledge Initiatives Trust mailing list in Goa, which is at

Below is an note written some time back:

Daryl Martyris <> an expat in the US informs us that he has made contact with CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), which provides educational software relevent to the Indian curriculum free of charge to schools. Says Daryl: "If interested, please email the address below and inform Narinder Bhatia <> where to send the academic content curriculum."

Earlier, Narinder Bhatia wrote in to say that CII has an initiative known as Shiksha, which "assists schools in integrating technology effectively in their teaching-learning process".

Shiksha, he clarifies, is a not-for-profit initiative and all the resources are offered totally free to the schools. "We have divided the CII-Shiksha >programme into various components which are mentioned below: 1. Shiksha content Computer Basics (Mouse & Keyboard) - Academic content (lessons in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Geography) 2. Coaching, whereby we conduct workshops and trainings for headmasters/principals, teachers on various I.T. topics 3. Communication, where we try connecting Shiksha schools through our bi-monthly newsletter."

Bhatia says there's a lot CII-Shiksha offers to schools to aid the Technology Integration Process which could be explained better through personal interaction. He writes: "Would be great if you can forward me some local contact address of India where i can send in the Shiksha details alongwith demo Cd. We would certainly be keen and willing to help the cause of ICT enabled >education. Please feel free to seek any further clarification." His mobile number is 09810698688 (and I hope it's okay to share this information with other educators across India).

Offtopic: Do check out this network from Goa trying to promote IT education in schools: KITrust mailing list

Hope this info-sharing is of some use to someone, somewhere. FN

Ever since 1995 CII's Social Development Council has undertaken modest steps to work in the area of Education. Since Education is the hub of all human development, it has been a high priority concern for CII as well.

CII works very closely with the government, industry and the community. In the area of Education CII has a National Committee on Primary Education and Literacy. The members of the Committee include Corporates, International Organisations, NGO's and representatives of the Government. CII's platform is thus a very unique vibrant platform that mobilises Public- Private partnership for the achievement of common goals in the area of Education

CII's perspectives, strategies and initiatives are all aimed at sensitising, motivating and empowering the Corporates to contribute by way of expertise, technical assistance and financial support for strengthening Primary Education. CII also aims at establishing business norms that instill a responsible attitude and above all cultivating quality lives of people. CII has been focusing on not only motivating Business Houses for the achievement of 100% Literacy for the industry's workforce but has also gone one step further by motivating Industry to to strengthen Integrated Education Programmes for underprivileged community people.

The CII literacy Program, in association with various NGOs, offers reading and writing skills through professionally trained volunteers, to adults and children whose literacy skills are inadequate for them to be able to find employment. These programs allow students to advance in their occupation, acquire skills and participate as informed and active members of the community.

Recent Inititaives:

Shiksha has associated with Hindustan Times through its HT PACE program and is reaching out to 12 government schools (in the initial stages) for implementing Shiksha project

Shiksha has pilot tested its content at NIIT's Madangir kiosk and the results have been very encouraging. As per the feedback, Shiksha was at no. 2 spot in the list of ten most accessed applications at the kiosks. Now talks are on to have the content deployed at other kiosks being run by NIIT

Shiksha has tied up with DPS (Delhi Public School) Society for deploying the content in 32 of their Shiksha Kendras (afternoon schools for the underprivileged children ) spread across India as a pilot and also for broadcasting Shiksha's content over their satellite based programme "Edu Links"

Shiksha is working out on an association with NDMC for deploying the content in their schools. NDMC has approved to implement the Shiksha project in 5-6 schools as a pilot beginning the new academic session.

Shiksha has worked out an association with Azim Premji Foundation (Wipro) where Shiksha would help them in their content deployment in government schools in Delhi and other states as well.

Shiksha is working on an association with NIC (National Informatics Centre) where Shiksha content would be deployed in various CICs (Community Information Centres) being run majorily in North-Eastern States and also in few schools under NIC's supervision.

Shiksha has tied up J&K state government to deploy the content in various schools. In the pilot phase the project would be carried out in 5-6 schools.

Best wishes, FN

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